Html5 Contact Form with Php GD library and Google Maps API

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a pretty awesome 'Contact us' page. This page will contain the right amount of features that I think most Contact us pages should have. It will contain a contact form which will use Html5 for client site validation, Php for server side validation and a neat trick to avoid spammers. We will also use the Php's GD library for sh... Read more

Showing 404 error pages correctly

In this short tutorial I will explain how to show a custom 404 error page for a request that a user makes on your site, for which there is no content. This could be because a user requested a file that didn't exist, like:; or that the file exists but there is nothing to show for the requested URL, like: Read more

Preventing Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) is probably the second most, if not the most common attack done on web applications (second to SQL injection) and even though it can be easily avoided, many times precautions against Xss is misunderstood or not properly implemented. Xss occurs when an attacker enters data which contains client-side script, like JavaScript, VBScript or even Html tags, ... Read more

Php Security: SQL injection

In this tutorial we will discuss SQL injection, what it is and how it can be so dangerous. We will also discuss the ways with which we can prevent it and why some ways are better than others.... Read more

Login and Registration with Object Oriented Php and PDO Part 2

In this second part we are going to complete the log in and registration system. In the last part, I focused on explaining some of the OOP and PDO fundamentals, but in this part I will simply update and extend the system by (i) improving the security of the system, (ii) adding few more features and (iii) finally, touching on few other things before we can launch the site.
... Read more

Skills you need for becoming a web developer

There is a lot of advice on the internet regarding what all things a person need to become a web developer. Although, many include very good advice, many still are quite long winded and include unnecessary extra information and resources that I believe can confuse absolute beginners. Therefore, I am going to have a go at explaining exactly what all languages/skills you need.... Read more

Login and Registration with Object Oriented Php and PDO

In this tutorial I will demonstrate Object oriented Php (OOP) and Php Data Objects (PDO) that many Php developers still have difficulty understanding and making a shift from procedural programming and the now deprecated mysql_x functions. I will not explain the basics or the benefits of them, but rather explain how you can use OOP and PDO to create a full fledged Login and Regi... Read more

Php Data Objects(PDO)

PDO was introduced in Php5.1 and it is a very flexible and a more secure way of connecting and quering a Database. PDO is a replacement to what you might be used to which is using the old mysql_x functions such as mysql_connect, mysql_select_db, mysql_query and so on. In this tutorial I will show you some of the PDO's main features and how PDO can be so useful.... Read more

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